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Whether you are in the market for rare jewels or a treasured memory of something your grandmother once wore, walk with us through the history of jewelry from the lacy, flowery scrolls of the Edwardian period, to the geometric cuts that characterize Art Deco Baubles. Aficionados around the globe revel in the unchanging traditions and distinguished elegance of Antique jewelry with its unwavering dedication to age-old artisanal techniques. Loyalty to these fine vintage pieces is often passed down through family generations symbolizing a way of life, and it is just that kind of enduring heirloom that provides worth to our collection today.

Contact our jewelry experts today or visit us in our New Brickell Showroom located at 1000 Brickell Ave Suite 100 Miami Florida.  We welcome your inquiries either via email, telephone or by private appointment in our Brickell Miami Offices.

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About Vintage Rings

Dover Jewelry's vintage ring collection offers something for every part of our clientele. While some pieces in our collection were traditionally engagement rings and still bear the signature engagement style of today, others serve as decorative signature rings. Is there any better way to display your hand than with a statement piece of color and sparkle?

Our vintage ring collection remains highly valued because of its assortment of genuine, world-coveted gems. From timeless diamonds to colorful sapphires, emeralds and rubies, our rings are GIA-certified and one-of-a-kind. Yet the quality of our gemstones is not the only factor that gives a classic value to our collection of rings. Their vintage age and perfectly kept condition hint at the stories they already have to tell. Their durability implies new stories forming for countless generations that they will one day be passed down through.

Each ring has its own style and structure, indicating the range of eras our collection represents. In addition to dazzling diamond engagement rings sourced from around the world, we offer art deco and vintage rings for any occasion.

Our Vintage Flower Turquoise Sapphire Diamond 18K Gold Cluster Dome Ring blends vibrant shades of blue with authentic gold and diamonds, forming an unmistakably elegant crowning adornment for your look. A Vintage Multi-Color Coral Diamond Gold Cocktail Cluster Ring provides just the right touch of bold whimsy to a classic jewelry piece. For unique romantic charm, take a look at our Vintage Emerald 31.35ct Diamond 18K Platinum Cocktail Ring.

The glory of a cocktail ring is in its ability to style any outfit, from formal to casual. With the perfect dash of elegance and retro flavor, our ring collections provide a taste of their original era while fitting seamlessly with a modern look. Their value, many say, is in their adaptability. Try adding one to your ensemble, and you'll soon see why.

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Browse our unique collection of antique rings for sale online including diamond antique rings, art deco antique rings, and gold antique rings. Our vintage antique rings are all over one hundred years old and represent all jewelry periods including Georgian, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Edwardian, and Art Deco rings.

Antique rings hold inherent value because of their age as well as the high level of craftsmanship from its respective jewelry period. If you need assistance in your quest to buy antique rings please call Dover Jewelry’s professional jewelers at 1-877-777-6111. Headquartered in Miami Florida, Dover Jewelry has a trusted reputation for buying and selling antique rings and all types of other antique jewelry. Each of the Dover Jewelry antique rings below has been carefully inspected and repaired, if necessary, ensuring you receive the highest quality and workmanship. Each antique ring also comes with a professional Certificate of Appraisal.

Our Collection of Vintage Rings

Choose a stunning antique engagement ring to propose to the love of your life. Pick out matching antique wedding rings or a unique antique wedding band to exchange at your wedding ceremony. Currently, popular and highly desirable antique rings include platinum antique rings, sapphire antique rings and yellow gold antique rings. Other popular gemstone antique rings include Rubies and Opal. We also carry men’s antique rings.

For questions regarding any of our antique rings for sale, reach out through our contact form or send us an email. We’d be happy to provide more information on any of the antique ring settings you find on our website or even help you track down the perfect antique ring not currently in our online collection!